Urethane - WB Epoxy Top Coat - Gloss or Satin Urethane - WB Epoxy Top Coat - Gloss or Satin
Urethane - WB Epoxy Top Coat - Gloss or Satin $134.99
One Stop Epoxy Urethane - WB One Stop Epoxy Urethane - WB is a two component system with excellent scratch and chemical resistance in an easy to mix 3:1 kit consisting of 3 parts urethane resin to one-part catalyst by volume. One Stop Epoxy Urethane is water based and available in Glass, Satin, and Matt and 1, 4, and 15 gallon kits. Use One Stop Epoxy Urethane - WB As a Seal Coat For Retail and Commercial Flooring Garage and Showroom Floors High-Traffic Interior Applications Restaurants and Bars Sports Arenas Automotive Service Areas Hair and Beauty Salon Commercial Kitchen Garages – Preferred Seal Coat For Partial Flake Floors Aircraft Hangers Schools and Universities Can also be used directly on a concrete floor for a very durable and cost effective grind and seal. Approved Basecoats for Urethane - WB Water-based or 100% solids epoxy: Metallic Dream Epoxy Self Leveling 100% Solids High Strength Epoxy Dye Stained Floors Concrete Countertops Surface Prep & Priming When applying over epoxy, grind concrete floors to CSP-3, vacuum dust, wipe with denatured alcohol and apply epoxy. No need to sand when apply as epoxy seal coat within 24 hours of application of waterbase or 100% solids epoxy. A chemical bond will form. Sand first when applying as epoxy seal coat after 25 hours of application to 100% solids epoxy to form a mechanical bond. When applying directly to a concrete floor for a grind and seal, Grind concrete floors to a CSP that provides the texture you’re looking for, vacuum dust, wipe with Denatured alcohol apply Tru-Alpha Water-Based Urethane clear or pigmented directly to the concrete. ( a second or third coat may be applied to attain the desired look or level of durability.) Mixing One Stop Epoxy Urethane - WB Partial kits: If mixing less than a full kit, mix three Parts A to one Part B by volume at low speed mix for two minute. Full kits: Open quart of Part B pour contents into the pail containing gallon of premeasured Part A. Stir with a jiffy mixer for 2 minutes to ensure material is mixed well. Avoid whipping air into the coating. Improper mixing may result in product outgassing. Recommended: Add 8-10oz of water for increased ease of usability and smoothness Application Mixed material can be dipped and rolled evenly with 3/16” nap roller to maintain the desired thickness. Back rolling is recommended to obtain uniform finish. Add Aluminum Oxide for slip resistance if desired. Coverage per Kit Topcoat for Metallic Floors 500-600 sqft Topcoat for Solid color floors 500-600 sqft Topcoat for Flake floors 400-500 sqft Pigmented Urethane (Special Order) 400 sqft  Best if applied at temperatures between 55-90 degrees Fahrenheit.   Dry time & Recoat Tack free/foot traffic: 6-8 hrs. Recoat 12-24 hrs. Heavy foot traffic 48 hrs. Vehicular Traffic 3 days. Lightly sand the surface and wipe down with denatured alcohol or acetone before applying additional coats or finish coats.
AQUALAB Pur Gloss - 1 Gal Kit
AQUALAB Pur Gloss - 1 Gal Kit $159.99
AQUALAB Pur Gloss With AQUALAB PUR, achieving a uniform finish with no orange peel effect is a breeze. Say goodbye to uneven textures and hello to a smooth, lustrous surface that enhances the overall look of your floors. Whether you prefer a glossy, satin, or matte appearance, our product guarantees a beautiful finish that will captivate anyone who sets foot on your floors. Approximate Coverage: Topcoat for Metallic Floors 500-600 sqft Topcoat for Solid color floors 500-600 sqft Topcoat for Flake floors 400-500 sqft Recommended application temperature 59-86 degrees Fahrenheit.
Labfast Xtra Time Low Odor - 85 T.C. Clear 2 Gal Kit Labfast Xtra Time Low Odor - 85 T.C. Clear 2 Gal Kit
Labfast Xtra Time Low Odor - 85 T.C. Clear 2 Gal Kit $220.00
Labfast Xtra Time Low Odor The LABFAST LOW ODOR is a two-component (1A:1B), nonyellowing, low odor polyaspartic floor coating system. The LABFAST LOW ODOR is used as a clear topcoat and a colored base coat using a common hardener. The system provides a quickturnaround with very rapid curing time with a tack free as low as 45 minutes* allowing the installation of the floor system in a single day. The product displays excellent curing capability even at very low temperature levels. This product offers superior mechanical and chemical properties and is low maintenance. It also displays a superior aesthetic finish and excellent UV stability which makes it ideal for interior and exterior applications. We recommend the utilization of our Vinyl Chips in combination with Labfast products. Two- or three-coat systems can be considered. *Depends on R.H and temperature levels. Uses Garages Other residential applications Commercial centers Office buildings Retail stores Manufacturing facilities Public facilities including hospitals and schools Other commercial uses Advantages Faint odor High solids content, ~85% and 90% Non-yellowing Excellent impact and abrasion resistance Easy to use 1A:1B system with common hardener for the base coat and top coat Possibility to install base coat and top coat in a single workday Cures quickly – recommended to obtain best curing at very low temperature levels (below -10°C /14°F) Ideal for exterior applications (+) version offers longer working time of approx. 25 min. Possible to install two- or three-coat systems Easy to install due to the very low viscosity of the product Very long recoat window and pot life Excellent chemical and mechanical resistance
Poly Gloss 85 Polyaspartic - 2 Gal Kit Poly Gloss 85 Polyaspartic - 2 Gal Kit
Poly Gloss 85 Polyaspartic - 2 Gal Kit from $220.00
Poly Gloss 85 Polyaspartic One Stop Epoxy Brand Polyaspartic 85% PolyGloss 85 is a two-component, 1:1 high performance, fast drying, aliphatic polyurea floor coating designed for applications that require a high gloss floor and a rapid return to service. It provides superior protection through its excellent adhesion, durability, and resistance to stains, chemicals, and damaging UV rays. This Polyaspartic product is primarily as a seal coat for a full broadcast epoxy flake or a quartz flooring system. Use also as a base when the floor receives plenty of sunlight. PolyGloss 85 is specially formulated plasticizer free. No plasticizers means virtual elimination of tire staining so prevalent in lesser quality Polyaspartics. PolyGloss 85 can be applied up to 10 mills thick in a single pass without turning white like most every other brand will at or above 5 mills. It can be applied in a wide range of temperatures and dries to a hard, non-yellowing finish with superior chemical resistance that can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. Because of the high build that can be achieved in a single pass, and the wide range of application temperatures, installation, and return to service time is greatly reduced over other coatings. Features and Benefits of Poly Gloss 85 Non-Porous Easy To Clean Sealed Surface Abrasion and Scratch Resistant High Gloss Superior Chemical Resistance UV Stable Offers Extended Working Time Over Most Polyaspartic Fast Return To Service Non-Yellowing/ does not amber Higher moisture resistance than the competition! 85% Solids Recommended Uses For Poly Gloss 85 High Traffic Areas Residential Garage Flake Floor Systems Cold Storage Areas Restaurants and Bars Commercial Kitchens Sports Arenas Showroom Floors Hair Salons Aircraft Hangers Schools and Universities Poly Gloss 85 Coverage Rate: 135 - 165 SFPG on full flake floors (270 - 330 Per Kit)150 - 200 SFPG on a smooth epoxy floor (300 - 400 Per Kit)Application Equipment: SqueegeesShed resistant RollersPaint Brushes
Nukote Premera T2 Topcoat Gloss
Nukote Premera T2 Topcoat Gloss from $159.00
Premera T2 Topcoat Gloss Premera T2 Topcoat Gloss is a solvent-based quartz based clear coating designed to protect metal, concrete and masonry surfaces by creating an integral, long-lasting barrier that provides superior resistance to mold, mildew, moss, rust, moisture, corrosion, chlorides & salt spray, acid rain, UV damage, oxidation, galvanic corrosion, animal & bird waste damage, gum, graffiti and ice adhesion. Durable, wear resistant coating avoids common coating failures like peeling or flaking. T2 Topcoat Gloss can be applied over tinted or un-tinted Premera Quick Seal for a complete concrete protection system. Features Excellent abrasion and scratch resistance Excellent impact resistance Superior resistance to rust, moisture, corrosion, salt spray, acid rain, oxidation … Resistant to wind drag, dirt build up, ice buildup and animal and bird waste damage UV resistant Virtually invisible Reduced maintenance costs Extended life of the substrate Non-breathable vapor barrier

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