Husqvarna S36 Husqvarna S36
Husqvarna S36 $5,546.00
Husqvarna S36 S36 is a very powerful single-phase HEPA dust extractor designed to match the grinding machines Husqvarna PG 530 (1-phase), PG 450, PG 400 and PG 280 as well as small to mid size scarifiers, grinders, shot blasters and handheld power tools. This professional dust extractor is designed to meet strict demands. Three large, commercial-grade vacuum motors provide plenty of power. Equipped with three independently tested and certified HEPA H13 filters and a massive cone-shaped pre-filter with over 4.5 m² of media. This results in superior dust collection, even of fine sanding and gypsum dust. Features include Jet Pulse pre-filter cleaning, hour counter and vacuum meter for filter control. The non-marking wheels are puncture free and lock at the front. The Longopac® bag hose system ensures simple, dust-free bag changes.
Husqvarna DE 120 Husqvarna DE 120
Husqvarna DE 120 $3,492.00
Husqvarna DE 120 This compact and easily transportable HEPA dust extractor is highly versatile, boasting significant power. It is specially designed to be used with various larger hand-held power-tools, floor and hand grinders, shotblasters, scarifiers, and more. The DE 120 is the perfect choice for demanding and heavy-duty applications, thanks to its exceptional performance and durability. The device automatically adjusts the air flow to ensure extended battery runtime. Moreover, its high water protection enables swift and efficient decontamination. Additionally, the dust extractor is equipped with embedded connectivity, allowing you to effortlessly monitor its location, service needs, filter status, and other valuable usage data.
DC Tromb 400 L
DC Tromb 400 L $3,249.00
DC Tromb 400H L Powerful 1-Phase Dust Extractor: The DC Tromb 400H L stands as our most potent 1-phase dust extractor to date, ensuring efficient dust removal. Clean and Healthy Work Environment: Engineered to meet the demands of a clean and healthy workplace, especially when using highly effective handheld power tools. Minimal Interruptions: Say goodbye to unnecessary work interruptions with this extractor's remarkable capacity, tackling up to 420 m3/h of dust. Versatile and Robust: Not just powerful, but versatile and all-round. It handles various fine dusts and materials found on construction sites, including concrete cutting, sanding, grinding, and drilling of floors or walls. Industrial Dust Handling: It excels at managing dust generated from industrial factory processes, ensuring a cleaner workspace. Compatibility: Seamlessly connect the machine to floor grinders and handheld tools such as cutting machines, chisel hammers, and saws. Compact and Portable: The DC Tromb's compact design makes it easy to move and transport, enhancing its practicality. Advanced Filtering: Equipped with a patented self-cleaning filter made of washable polyester and an H13-filter designed for Application Class H, ensuring top-notch filtration performance. Maintenance Indicator: Keep track of filter cleaning with a convenient signal lamp that alerts you when it's time for maintenance. The DC Tromb 400H L Delivery Package Includes: 5 m hose (Ø 50), a chrome steel suction pipe and a strong aluminium floor tool Longopac plastic sack, 25 m puncture proof wheels of ”non marking-type” – can be locked to make it possible for the user to work on uneven ground. * Switch operated reverse pulse filter cleaning  

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