Metallic Dream Epoxy - Complete 3 Gallon Kit Metallic Dream Epoxy - Complete 3 Gallon Kit
Metallic Dream Epoxy - Complete 3 Gallon Kit $220.00
Metallic Dream Epoxy: The Ultimate Solution For Metallic Epoxy Floors Unleash the beauty of metallic designs with our Metallic Dream Epoxy.  Crafted for excellence, this two-component, 100% solids epoxy is not just any ordinary product.  It's a high-build, robust solution with a user-friendly formula, ensuring ease of application and long-lasting results. Key Features of Metallic Dream Epoxy 100% Solids Epoxy - Pure, solid formulation for maximum durability Hassle-free application Easy to Use, Self-Leveling - Achieve a perfectly smooth surface with minimal effort. Extended Working Time - Enjoy 45 - 60 minutes of working time, dependant upon temperature and humidity. High-Gloss Finish - Adds a radiant, sophisticated shine to your floors. Effortless Maintenance -  Simple to clean, ensuring a pristine look. Superior Adhesion - Bonds strongly to surfaces for lasting durability. Industrial Strength Abrasion Resistance - Withstands heavy foot traffic and mechanical wear. USDA Compliant - Safe for areas with incidental food contact. Metallic Dream Epoxy Is Ideal For: Residential interiors - transforming living spaces with elegance. Home Garages - enhancing durability and style. Man Caves - creating a personalized touch. Day Spas and Beauty Salons - for a sleek, modern look. Tattoo parlors and Art Galleries - complementing artistic aesthetics. V.I.P. Rooms and Reception Areas - exuding luxury. Automotive Showrooms - showcasing vehicles in style. Smoke Shops - adding a distinctive flair. Embrace Metallic Dream Epoxy for a flooring experience that combines aesthetics, durability, and ease of use, perfectly suited for both residential and commercial environments. Coverage per Kit: 150 - 225 square feet per kit / 50 - 75 square feet per gallon Metallic Floors base coat: 135-150 SFPGUse a pre-pigmented Self Leveling 100% Solids High Strength Epoxy as a base coat to make the metallic floor of your dreams!  If you're concrete floor is porous, prime the floor with our Water Base Epoxy primer first.  Finish off with Urethane or T2 for a beautiful topcoat that'll protect your metallic epoxy floors.  
LABPOX 40 UV Resistant Epoxy - Clear 3 Gal Kit LABPOX 40 UV Resistant Epoxy - Clear 3 Gal Kit
LABPOX 40 UV Resistant Epoxy - Clear 3 Gal Kit from $175.00
LABPOX 40 UV Resistant Epoxy LABPOX 40 UV Resistant Epoxy is a 100% solids two-component (2A:1B) epoxy floor coating system which is virtually VOC-free. The product is translucid and displays a superior resistance to UV irradiation in this product category (color retention over time) best suited for residential and commercial applications. It possesses superior mechanical properties as well as a long pot life and working time. Ideal for metallic systems. The LABPOX 40 UV has been designed as a topcoat epoxy, but it is self priming. The Super Opaque White version can only be used as a primer or, if used as a topcoat, it must be covered with a AQUALAB PUR, LABFAST or LABSHIELD product. The LABPOX 40 UV formulation is based on a high-performance, cycloaliphatic polyamine technology displaying outstanding properties and superior aesthetic finish. Uses For LABPOX 40 UV The LABPOX 40 UV is an industrial grade epoxy that delivers superb UV resistance for your metallic epoxy flooring that is exposed to sunlight. Don't let the suns damaging ultraviolet rays turn your beautiful metallic and light color epoxy floors yellow.  LABPOX 40 UV resists harmful ultraviolet light making it perfect for the following applications: Metallic Floor Systems with UV exposure Commercial, Residential, and Industrial Uses Residential Metallic Floors Commercial Metallic Floors Office Buildings Retail Stores Manufacturing Facilities Warehouses Garages Food and Beverage Processing and Preparation Plants Public Facilities Including Hospitals and Schools Pharmaceutical Companies Advantages Offering one of the best UV resistances in this product category Environment friendly (100% solids, VOC-free and no solvent) Potential for LEED eligibility Virtually odor free Easy application with long pot life and working time (60 min) Ideal for metallic epoxy systems Good elongation and excellent abrasion resistance High resistance to amine blush and contamination (fisheyes)  Excellent defoaming even at thicker levels Superior mechanical and chemical properties Impermeability / low moisture sensitivity High density of the product prevents dirt penetration resulting in low maintenance post application   Approximate Coverage: Pigmented receiver coat for vinyl chips: 133-150 SFPG Primer on Porous Concrete: 150-200 SFPG Commercial and Industrial applications: 100-135 SFPG Metallic Floors base coat: 135-150 SFPG Metallic Floor Design Coat: 50-75 SQFT PER GALLON
LabSurface | Labpox LV 3D - 3 GAL Kit LabSurface | Labpox LV 3D - 3 GAL Kit
LabSurface | Labpox LV 3D - 3 GAL Kit $260.00
The LABPOX LV 3D is a 100% solids two-component ,ultra-low viscosity epoxy floor coating system, flows 3X more than the leading competition in metallics epoxy, This product possesses mechanical properties best suited for aesthetic clear or metallic residential and commercial applications. It offers one of the longest pot life and working time of the industry, working time up to 90-110 minutes.
LABPOX 30 100% Solids Epoxy - Clear 3 Gal Kit LABPOX 30 100% Solids Epoxy - Clear 3 Gal Kit
LABPOX 30 100% Solids Epoxy - Clear 3 Gal Kit from $158.00
LABPOX 30 100% Solids, High Performance Epoxy LABPOX 30 is a top-notch, 100% Solids High-Performance Epoxy, perfect for tough and demanding flooring needs. This two-part epoxy system (2A:1B) is both a strong basecoat and a reliable body coat. It's a great fit for heavy-duty industrial use and also for commercial spaces, thanks to its good looks and tough build.What makes LABPOX 30 stand out is its eco-friendliness. It has almost no VOCs, making it a smart choice for the environment and a strong performer for your floors.For those looking for metallic epoxy flooring, LABPOX 30 is a great pick. It comes in clear 3-gallon kits. We have all the popular color pigments, and you can order it in 16 different colors for your bigger projects. This makes LABPOX 30 ideal for both small and large commercial jobs.Pair LABPOX 30 with our EPOXY PRIMER to get even more out of your floor. This combo keeps your floor looking good and lasting longer, even in busy spots.LABPOX 30 is user-friendly, offering up to 60 minutes of working time at 70 degrees, making it easier to use and apply. It's designed to go on smoothly and resist issues like amine blush, so your floor stays looking sharp with less fuss.LABPOX 30 is great for a variety of flooring projects, whether they're in industrial settings, commercial areas, or need a metallic look. It covers well, too:Advantages of LABPOX 30: Strong and Reliable: Designed to handle the demands of industrial and commercial flooring. Eco-Friendly: Almost no VOCs, making it a safer choice for both people and the planet. Versatile Coloring: Available in clear form with the option to add popular color pigments. Can be ordered in 16 different colors for larger projects. Easy to Apply: Offers up to 60 minutes of working time at 70 degrees, ensuring a smoother application process. Durable Finish: Resistant to common issues like amine blush, keeping floors looking good with minimal maintenance.Uses for LABPOX 30: Industrial Flooring: Ideal for high-traffic, heavy-duty industrial environments. Commercial Spaces: Perfect for commercial areas needing both strength and style in their flooring. Metallic Epoxy Flooring: Suitable for projects that require a metallic look with a range of color options. Base Coat Applications: Can be used as a strong base coat for various flooring types. Protective Primer: Works well with EPOXY PRIMER for enhanced durability and longevity.Coverage Options: Vinyl Chips: 133-150 SFPG (Square Feet Per Gallon) Commercial/Industrial Use: 80-135 SFPG Metallic Floor Base Coat: 80 - 135 SFPG

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