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Instant Polyurethane Crack Repair - 2 Gal Kit Instant Polyurethane Crack Repair - 2 Gal Kit
Instant Polyurethane Crack Repair - 2 Gal Kit $139.99 $149.99
Instant Polyurethane Repair The INSTANT PU REPAIR is a two-component aromatic polyurethane crack repair system providing ultra fast curing. This product has been designed to repair concrete cracks and small holes on horizontal surfaces. It can also be used for below-grade repairs and at very low temperature levels. Uses Repairing cracks in concrete Filling small holes Repair below-grade structures Cold temperature applications Advantages Extremely fast curing, can be grinded after 15-20 minutes Indoor/outdoor applications Cures at very low temperature Low viscosity allows for optimal concrete penetration Possible to mix with silica sand, quartz, Extender T or silica to build up viscosity
LABTEC Thickening Agent
LABTEC Thickening Agent $99.99
LABTEC Thickening Agent: Crack and Joint Filler LABTEC Thickening Agent is an epoxy thickening agent that's easier to use, less messy than cabosil, and of the utmost quality. Mix with any of our 100% solids epoxy products to create an epoxy paste with a multitude of uses. As well as more cost effective per linear square foot than any other crack filler on the market! Once you use LABTEC on a job you'll never leave the shop without it again. Mix with 150FC to make a fast cure crack filler that dries in approximately 90 minutes Use it to: Fill cracks, joints, divots, and low spots Fill expansion joints Fill contraction joints Create a cove paste Level sections of flooring
Epoxy Crack Filler 1:1 - 2 Gal Kit Epoxy Crack Filler 1:1 - 2 Gal Kit
Epoxy Crack Filler 1:1 - 2 Gal Kit $170.00
Epoxy Crack Filler The Epoxy Crack Filler is a 100% solids two-component (1A:1B) gel epoxy crack repair which is virtually VOC-free. The product is easy to use and can be applied on horizontal and vertical surfaces. It also offers a long pot life and working time but cures very quickly allowing the installation of the base coat or primer minutes after the application of the Epoxy Crack Filler. This product possesses superior mechanical and chemical properties suited for residential, commercial and industrial applications. The formulation is based on a high-performance cycloaliphatic polyamine technology displaying outstanding properties. Uses Industrial uses Manufacturing facilities and warehouses Commercial centers Office buildings Retail stores Garages Food/beverage processing and preparation plants Public facilities including hospitals and schools Pharmaceutical companies Other commercial uses Advantages Environment friendly, 100% solids and VOC-free Virtually odor free Fast curing Compatible with LABPOX epoxies as well as LABFAST and Labshields Polyaspartics Can be used on vertical surfaces Recoat window of 24 hours Maintain its thixotropy even during exothermic reaction Easy application with long pot life and working time Potential for LEED eligibility

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