9" x 3-8" Pro Performance - Woven, Shed-Resistant Roller $4.99
9" x 3/8" Pro Performance - Woven, Shed-Resistant Roller Experience superior performance with our 9" x 3/8" Pro Performance Woven, Shed-Resistant roller. Designed for professional use, this high-quality roller delivers exceptional results. The woven construction and shed-resistant design ensure a smooth and even application, eliminating lint and fibers from marring your finish. IT s perfect for tackling various projects, from large surfaces to detailed work. Trust our 9" x 3/8" Pro Performance Woven, Shed-Resistant roller to provide precise and flawless finishes, making it an essential tool for any epoxy application.
18" Pro Performance Roller $9.00
18" Pro Performance Roller Experience professional-level performance with our 18" Pro Performance Epoxy Roller. Designed to deliver exceptional results, this high-quality roller is optimized for epoxy applications, ensuring smooth and even coverage on a variety of surfaces. Whether you're working on large-scale projects or smaller applications, our epoxy roller guarantees efficiency and precision. This woven 18" Pro Performance Epoxy Roller allows to achieve flawless finishes and elevate your epoxy coating projects to the next level.
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4" x 3-8" Pro Stripe - Gold Stripe Polyamide Mini Roller - 10 Pack $19.99
4" x 3/8" Pro Stripe - Gold Stripe Polyamide Mini Roller - 10 Pack Achieve professional results with our 4" x 3/8" Pro Stripe - Gold Stripe Polyamide Mini Roller. Designed for precision and efficiency, this mini roller is perfect for detailed painting and striping projects. The gold stripe polyamide fabric delivers excellent paint pickup and smooth release, ensuring even coverage and crisp lines. With a 4-inch width and 3/8-inch nap, it provides optimal control and maneuverability, making it ideal for tight spaces and intricate designs. Whether you're working on trim, edges, or decorative accents, our Pro Stripe mini roller guarantees exceptional performance and superior results. Elevate your epoxy projects with this high-quality tool.
Spiked Roller 9 in
Spiked Roller 9 in $39.99
Spiked Roller 9 in Achieve flawless results with our 9-inch spiked roller. This essential tool is designed to eliminate bubbles and ensure optimal adhesion of coatings. Featuring fine, sturdy spikes, our 9-inch spiked roller effectively releases trapped air, creating a smooth and professional finish. Ideal for use with epoxy, paint, or other coatings, this roller helps achieve consistent results on various surfaces. Whether you're working on small or medium-sized projects, our 9-inch spiked roller is a must-have for achieving bubble-free coatings and a high-quality end result.
9" Sherlock Roller Frame $10.99
9 Inch Sherlock Roller Frame  Features a 4 plastic cage to minimize slip between roller and cover 1/4 inch diameter rod attachment for any standard pole Textured handle for maximum grip  Steel rod for added durability  When it comes to laying down your epoxy coating an 18inch roller frame is incapable of reaching your edges. Place your 9 inch roller frame on a pole and roll right along the wall to ensure a non-stop finish from floor to wall. Try out our 1In X 48In Straight Fiberglass Handle With Metal Tip to get the job done right!  
Big Ben 18
Big Ben 18" Roller Frame $19.99
Wooster Big Ben 18 inch Frame  Use with roller covers 18-inches long, all nap heights including 18In Pro-Grade Woven Shed-Resistant Roller Cover By Assurance Lightweight, extra strong frame that will not rust  Easy on and off epoxy roller cover installation, no loose hardware! When it comes to installing epoxy an 18in roller will save you time and effort! Whether its spreading out your resin or doing your back roll with polyaspartic having an 18in roller will allow you to complete your job faster!

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