Lab Surface Epoxy Primer Lab Surface Epoxy Primer
Lab Surface Epoxy Primer $249.99
Lab Surface Epoxy Primer Lab Surface Epoxy Primer is a two-component VOC-free 100% solids epoxy primer that offers a combination of long pot life and working time. It has been formulated to obtain superior adhesion on concrete for high traffic applications. The epoxy primer formulation is based on a high-performance cycloaliphatic amine technology and has a very low viscosity and excellent early blush resistance. Lab Surface Epoxy Primer Uses Lab surface Epoxy Primer provides excellent results for the most demanding applications. Use for: Industrial Applications Manufacturing Facilities and Warehouses Commercial Centers Office Buildings Retail Stores Garages Food and Beverage Processing and Preparation Plants Public Facilities Such As Hospitals and Schools Pharmaceutical Companies Other Commercial Uses Advantages Of Using Lab Surface Epoxy Primer 100% Solids Environment Friendly With No VOC Minimal Odor Potential For LEED Eligibility Excellent Penetration and Adhesion To The Concrete Low Viscosity Best Suited For High Traffic Applications High Elongation For Optimal Impact Absorption and Better Protection When Slab Movements Occur High Resistance To Amine Blush and Contamination (Fish Eyes) Long Working Time Fast Curing How many kits do I need?  Square feet Primer for Metallic  Primer for Solid Color Primer for Flakes  100ft²  1 1 1  200ft²  1 1 1  300ft²  1 1 1  400ft²  1 1 1  500ft² 1 1 1  600ft² 1 1 1  700ft²  2 2 2  800ft²  2 2 2  900ft²  2 2 2  1000ft²  2 2 2  1100ft²  2 2 2  1200ft²  2 2 2  1300ft²  3 3 3  1400ft²  3 3 3  1500ft²  3 3 3  1600ft²  3 3 3  1700ft²  3 3 3  1800ft²  3 3 3  1900ft²  4 4 4  2000ft²  4 4 4
Epoxy Water Based - 1 Gal
Epoxy Water Based - 1 Gal $75.00
2 Part Water Based Epoxy One Stop Water Based Epoxy is a self-priming two component concrete floor system. Also provides a tough waterproof and scratch resistant interior concrete block wall coating system. Three parts resin to One part epoxy hardener. Use One Stop Epoxy Water Based Epoxy - WB As a Primer For Retail and Commercial Flooring Garage and Showroom Floors High-Traffic Interior Applications Restaurants and Bars Sports Arenas Automotive Service Areas Hair and Beauty Salon Commercial Kitchen Garages – Preferred Primer For Metallic Floors Aircraft Hangers Schools and Universities Approved Top Coats Solvent or Water-Based Urethane and 100% Solids Epoxy. Also approved for wood, concrete and laminate countertops. Surface Prep & Priming Grind concrete floors to CSP-3, vacuum dust, wipe with denatured alcohol. Mixing One Stop Water Based Epoxy Partial kits: If mixing less than a full kit, mix three Parts A to one Part B by volume at low speed mix for two minute. Full kits: Open quart of Part B pour contents into the pail containing gallon of premeasured Part A. Stir with a jiffy mixer for 2 minutes to ensure material is mixed well. Avoid whipping air into the coating. Improper mixing may result in product outgassing. Application Mixed material can be poured on the floor and spread using a squeegee or for smaller projects it can dipped and rolled evenly with 3/8” epoxy roller. Coverage per Kit Concrete: 200-250sqft Dry time & Recoat Tack free/foot traffic: 12 hrs. Recoat 24 hrs. Heavy foot traffic 48 hrs. Vehicular Traffic 3 days. Lightly sand the surface and wipe down with denatured alcohol or acetone before applying additional coats or finish coats.  
LABPOX MVB Fast - 3 Gal
LABPOX MVB Fast - 3 Gal from $260.00
LABPOX MVB Fast  The LABPOX MVB FAST serves as an epoxy primer that acts as a protective shield against moisture vapor. Its primary purpose is to be applied before the installation of a complete epoxy or polyaspartic system. This particular product showcases exceptional mechanical characteristics that make it highly suitable for industrial settings. However, it is also versatile enough to be utilized in commercial and residential environments. The LABPOX MVB FAST plays a crucial role as a barrier, effectively preventing the intrusion of moisture into concrete floors that possess high levels of residual humidity, even up to 100%. Furthermore, it offers reliable protection for newly installed concrete slabs within a period of 28 days. Lab Surface Recommends : Doing 2 layers, first layer at 6-8 mils, followed by a second layer at 8-10 mils
Nukote Premera Fusion Primer Nukote Premera Fusion Primer
Nukote Premera Fusion Primer from $175.00
Nukote Premera Fusion Primer Premera FP1 Fusion Primer is a very fast drying and thin nano-adhesive intercoat or primer that will bond to any contaminate free hard surface.  Nukote Premera Fusion Primer FP1 is very compatible with many surfaces, and many coatings. Premera FP1 Fusion Primer creates a molecular bridge between a coating and the substrate. Coatings that ordinarily cannot bond to a surface are now able to.  Nukote Premera Fusion Primer Features Removes the need to sand or mechanically abrade substrates or coatings before applying the next layer. Provides strong bonding to the hard to bond surfaces Very fast drying adhesion promoter Provides Covalent bonding at a molecular level and becomes one with the surface they are applied to and create a superior barrier Can be used on almost any substrate – concrete, steel, wood, stones, tiles and fabric Penetrate the surface of the substrate Virtually invisible Repel moisture, stains and mold from within the substrate. Long-lasting, easy to clean Reduced maintenance costs Extended life of the substrate Nukote Premera Fusion Primer Typical Uses Serves as adhesion layer between coating and substrate, or between two coatings Can be applied on Painted or unpainted iron; aluminum, copper and other metals; hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, stainless steel; powder coated and galvanized surfaces; concrete, wood, rubber, plastic, fiberglass and glass
Nukote Quick Seal Nukote Quick Seal
Nukote Quick Seal from $75.00
Nukote Quick Seal Quick Seal is a fast-drying, solvent based, water repellent sealer designed to enhance the surface and to protect stone, concrete & masonry surfaces from nature’s destructive forces, providing a long lasting barrier which exhibits superior resistance to water, mold, airborne dust and dirt, alkali, freeze/thaw damage and spills. As well as a one step stain and seal by adding acetone based dyes into the sealer. Nukote Quick Seal Features and Benefits Stain and water repellant Very fast drying Breathable Can be used on most Natural and Artificial Stone, Concrete, and Masonry Products Breathable Penetrate the surface of the substrate Enhances and deepens natural colors of substrate Repel moisture, stains and mold from within the substrate Long-lasting, easy to clean Reduced maintenance costs Protects most Natural and Artificial Stone, Concrete, and Masonry Products against moisture, stains, dirt, mold Nukote Quick Seal Typical Uses Protects substrates against Moisture, stains, dirt, mold and more Enhance any compatible surface Suitable for most Natural and Artificial Stone, Concrete, and Masonry Products Suitable sealer under T2 Topcoat Gloss Nukote Quick Seal Coverage Rate Smooth Concrete 500-600 Broom Finish Concrete 350-450 Porous Concrete 150-250 Split Face Block 200-250 Fluted Block 200-250 Concrete Block 200-250 Clay Brick 150-300 Stucco 250-300 Sandstone, Limestone 250-300 Flagstone, Concrete Pavers 250-300

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